Are you thinking about upgrading your home by means of insulating and heating improvements? Or have you recently purchased a second-hand home that you intend to renovate or extend? If so, you have clicked the perfect page to assist you with making the difficult decisions on how to get the best bang for your buck.

Here at McGann Energy Consultants we offer a complete bespoke package. Our many years of experience as designers, auditors, QA inspectors and BER assessors on various government funded retrofit schemes, means we can deliver the perfect specification for you that not only meets the new requirements in building regulations TGDL 2019 in respect of major renovation works but actually delivers proper cost effective energy reduction, saving you money.

For too long we have come across clients who have taken on a project to retrofit their homes and attempt to make them more energy efficient while at the same time trying improve their BER but have either taken incorrect advice or advice from individuals that have a conflicting financial gain. Situations such as this almost always result in money being spent on measures that are not necessarily suitable to the clients needs, situation or dwelling. In most cases large amounts of money have been spent and the overall outcome and final BER results were disappointing for the clients.


At McGann Energy Consultants our retrofit consultancy services provide independent advice on how best to spend your money to achieve a more sustainable living standard with the emphasis put on the project being cost effective.

Our Retrofit Consultancy Service Provides the following

Initial pre works BER Survey

Detailed Report on recommended Measures

Information on Available Grants

Full Design Specification for the Project

Post Works BER Certificate and Completion of Post Works Grant Paperwork

Quality Control Inspection

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