Believe it or not, you can actually use the air outside to heat your home even at temperatures way below freezing, ambient air actually contains heat. When you extract that heat using a Hitachi air to water heat pump you can get enough out of it to heat all of your radiators or underfloor heating as well as providing all of your domestic hot water 365 days per year, all at a very low running cost.

The initial investment is actually quite low unlike ground source heat pumps where drilling and other ground works are required. Installing an air to water heat pump in a new dwelling is a simple and cost-effective way of meeting the building regulation NZEB requirements and for retrofitting existing dwellings the installation process is simple.

McGann Energy Consultants are proud to have partnered with Hitachi to become distribution agents for Hitachi heat pumps in Ireland. We are now able offer the full range of Hitachi heat pumps incorporating system design, full back up and technical assistance to heating contractors, developers, homeowners or trade suppliers.


If you need product or project advice, technical support or any other questions, we are here to help.
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Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland grant funding of €3500 for heat pump retrofitting an existing home with an air to water heat pump.

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McGann Energy Consultants in conjunction with Hitachi can arrange Installer training for our customers covering installation, commissioning, maintance & servicing.

Typical heat pump installation set up